Workshop: Student with Autism

Skrócony opis warsztatu możliwy do edycji w panelu administracyjnym.


Students with Autism and Aspergers Syndrome

For who?

For parents, professionals, teachers, educators, psychologists, therapists, speech therapists, pedagogy students, psychologists, speech therapists


3-5 hours


I. Obtaining Practical Work Instructions for a Teacher:
1. How to translate the way- student learns to the way of teaching?
2. What learning difficulties have people with autism spectrum?
3. How to teach children with autism learning?
4. How to use daily activities in the teaching process?
II. Systematize knowledge about the spectrum of autism in the light of current research and classification.


1. Cognitive functioning of people with autism. Theory, examples from the practice of pedagogue.
Examples of activities that develop individual cognitive skills.
2. The role of development of executive functions in coping with new situations. Daily activities are the basis of education.
3. Neurodidactics- neuronal basis of learning processes. 4-Steps Concept for Effective Learning.
4. How to write a good Individual Education Program to be useful in your daily work? Creating individual learning models for students - workshop.
5. Practical tips for teachers to use during lessons.