Therapy: I. Support program for institutions

Offer for kindergartens and mass schools, integration and special schools that want to acquire or adapt the working methods for a student on the autism spectrum. Program includes a holistic approach to therapy and support to the person and everyone in the immediate surroundings to ensure the best possible conditions for living, learning and social contacts.

The program may include all or only selected points:

  1. Observation at home and school.
  2. Conversation with parents and teachers.
  3. Workshops for teachers.
  4. Workshops for students.
  5. Workshops for parents.
  6. Change and support program for the student. E-mail counseling when implementing the program.
  7. Possibility to observe changes after 1 to 2 months after the introduction of the program.

Therapy: II. Holistic family support program

Family-friendly offer. Includes a holistic approach to therapy and help to the person and family. The aim of the program is to adapt the environment to the person in the spectrum and increase the efficiency of family and professional’s collaboration.

The program may include all or only selected points:
1. Planning the needed therapy.
2. Home program.
3. Selected Workshops.
4. Separation of tasks: home-school-therapy center.

Therapy: III. Diagnosis and therapy of sensory integration.

1. Diagnosis of sensory integration includes 4 hours:
– talking with parents / carers,
– 2 meetings with the child: Clinical observation, Californian tests, free and focused observation in the sensory integration hall.
– Deliberate sensory integration with instructions for daily sensory diet / instruction for home program.
2. Sensory integration therapy:
– therapeutic stays: 10 meetings in 2 weeks,
– cyclic classes,
– introduction of elements of sensory integration in home conditions.

Therapy: IV. Individual therapy in the center or at home.

The course is individually tailored to the child. I work according to my own model of 4 steps to effective learning. Classes may include:
– building relation with the child,
– learning to communicate,
– sensory integration,
– pedagogical therapy,
– training in developing social skills and theory of mind.