„Be the change you want to see in the world”


Are you a parent of a child with autism or Asperger Syndrome?
Do you have an autistic student in your class?
Are you a support teacher in the classroom with a student with autism?
Are you a specialist who wants to broaden your knowledge?
Want to create a program that will be useful in the daily work of a teacher, a therapist, a parent?
Need practical tips to solve everyday difficulties?

Every one of us wants a change. Are you sure you know, what you want to change?

For the change to be good and to make sense, stop here and now – just be the change you expect! Contact for consultation or ask about program tailored individualy for your needs. If you are interested in certain subject- attend the trainings where you will be experiencing, listening, watching, sniffing, talking, laughing, playing, cooperating, developing and learning – all to understand the autism spectrum.

The knowledge we share is based on the experience of people with autism spectrum, families and professionals, and effective research-based methods. All who are ready for the change for the better – WELCOME!

Paulina Zawadzka


If you have any questions, you can contact me in Polish or English.

  • by PHONE
  • by E-MAIL

Consultations are for:

  • Parents, families
  • Teachers, therapists, specialists
  • People on the autism spectrum


  • +48 668534019
  • +48 668534019
  • email@paulinazawadzka.com


The training and workshops are targeted at pedagogues, psychologists, therapists, specialists, families, and all those interested in supporting the autism spectrum.

They are based on the experience of the ones on the autism spectrum, families and professionals from different parts of the world, and effective research-based approaches for practical knowledge acquisition.

Form of training:

– open training

– closed training on order,

– training for pedagogical councils.

Feel free to contact me: email@paulinazawadzka.com